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The Simple Beauty of Patio Doors

Patio doors are a quick, low cost way of improving your home. Featuring large glass doors and easy-to-open glide mechanisms, Patio doors can instantly transform a room’s appearance and how you use it. Because Patio doors fold back onto themselves, they are incredibly versatile, and as such can be installed practically anywhere in your home. Traditionally used to create a practical exit and entrance into a garden, Patio doors now come in a variety of designs and as such are now used for a multitude of purposes, including dividing an existing room into two separate living areas.

Any design you want

Because Patio doors are relatively simple in design, we can quickly create bespoke patio doors that will fit perfectly into any space you want. Available from 2-4 pane in size, Patio doors can be created that will entire length of a room; providing unrivalled views and access to the outside. Furthermore, thanks to the use of modern, light-weight materials and the introduction of new, vibrant colours, we can design Patio doors that will match your existing décor perfectly. This includes the option of frames being one colour on the outside and a different one on the inside; allowing you to match the interior and exterior of your home at the same time.


If your home feels cramped and short on space then counteract it by having a set of patio doors fitted which will allow you to open up your home to the outside world in a way you never thought possible. Effortlessly gliding along its runners with just a light push or pull, a patio door offers you multiple different openings dependent upon the weather your own personal preferences. As they slide from side-to-side, it also eliminates the risk of them blowing open and taking up unnecessary space.

External & Internal

The permanent boundary between your home and garden will be banished forever when you invest in a set of patio doors, bringing them together to create one stunningly stylish way of living. No longer will any tables, sofas, chairs, cabinets or any other form of furniture restrict the enjoyment you get from spending time indoors and outdoors. Such is their flexibility that you could even viably utilise them as a way of connecting two internal areas, seemingly enlarging the space.


A limited aperture shouldn’t be enough to prevent you from having a patio door fitted inside your conservatory or orangery as we can configure it specially to fit within the allotted area. We even have the capacity to provide them with two, three or even four panes of glass, and you can determine in which direction you would prefer it to open and close.

Whatever your taste, there’s a coloured Patio Door for everyone…

t doesn’t matter if you prefer a UPVC or aluminium Patio Door; you will be astounded at the number of coloured finishes available. Whether you’re looking for a colour that complements the existing appearance of your home or you’re starting from scratch and getting Patio Doors installed at the same time as new windows and doors, we have a variety of colours guaranteed to make it stand-out like never before.

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Why Choose us?

As the leading manufacturer and installer of Patio doors in Mid Wales, here at Mid Wales Windows & Conservatories we are proud to offer the lowest Patio doors prices. Because all of our materials are manufactured exclusively for us, we are able to guarantee that only the very strongest materials and best manufacturing techniques are used in the creation of our Patio doors.