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Of the many different home improvements we offer, one of the most striking and grandiose are orangeries. Available in a variety of designs, traditional styled orangeries have proven particularly popular with homeowners in Mid Wales. Designed and installed to the very highest specifications, these attractive extensions are great for both period-style homes and more contemporary designs. Previously considered a luxury, orangeries are now much more affordable. To give everyone equal access to quality, well-made home improvements, we strive to offer the lowest traditional orangeries prices in the area.

That is why our experienced team of designers and consultants will work with you every step of the way to ensure you get the perfect traditional orangery for your home and budget. An orangery is incredibly versatile; providing you with almost endless possibilities regarding how you use it. Simply tell us some of the many things you wish to use it for and we will ensure you have everything you need, such as Wi-Fi and extra plug sockets. To ensure you get the perfect traditional orangery for your home and budget, our team of engineers and fitters will do everything they can to ensure you get a traditional orangery that is bespoke for your home. From colours and finishes to the inclusion of personal touches such as patterned glazing and Bi-Folding doors, we will help you get a traditional orangery unlike any other.

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Take a look at what some of our happy customers have had done recently. Here's a few of our orangery projects

Small UPVC Orangery with Cornice

A beautifully light and airy orangery was installed with a cornice to add the feeling of space in this small home, creating a cosy and homely...

2 Orangery House

Not one but two Victorian orangeries are a welcome addition to this property that is in keeping with its traditional exterior. Both orangeries boast solid roofs...

Contemporary Woodgrain Orangery

A stunning addition to any home, this woodgrain orangery blends in perfectly to the surrounding property, providing an airy space in which to relax with its...

Contemporary Woodgrain Orangery

A contemporary orangery made of low maintenance UPVC in an attractive woodgrain effect and featuring French doors offers a stylish extension to your home while flooding...

Traditional Green uPVC Orangery

An elegant traditional orangery with green low maintenance UPVC tilt & turn windows and matching French doors featuring attractive Cornice and Lantern roof – a beautiful...

Traditional Orangery with Lantern Roof

This unique traditional conservatory is a delightful addition to any home. The lantern roof feature and white PVC doors give the home a modern feel and...

Traditional Lantern Roof Orangery

A large traditional orangery with white casement windows and french doors. New windows throughout the house, a composite front door and white roofline....

A fully sculptured frame looks magnificent on an orangery…

Orangeries come in various guises; there isn’t one standard form of orangery design. Therefore certain window and door systems look more suited to some orangeries more so than others as they feature differing contours and dimensions which can have a huge impact on the visual appeal of the finished design.


The thermal efficiency that UPVC provides is a huge draw for many homeowners as it helps to drive down the cost of energy bills. It is also extremely durable and needs very little care and attention in terms of maintenance which is ideal for those who live busy lifestyles. The adaptability of the UPVC profile enables us to integrate contours into the frame just as you would find in a traditional timber profile.


Aluminium orangeries are firmly on the rise which comes as no surprise when you see just how stylish they look, particularly when incorporated with aluminium bi-fold doors. Due to the slimness of the aluminium frames, a greater amount of glass can be inserted inside which aids you in terms of the amount of natural sunlight drawn in. The powder-coated finish and woodgrain effect evident in the aluminium frame also makes a huge visual impact.


Looking for windows for your orangery that look just like real wood? Heritage Windows are a revolutionary take on the traditional 19th Century timber design and feature all the detailing and intricacy that you would expect of a window of that period in time. And not just on the outside either as the peg stays, butt hinges and monkey tail handles fitted to the inside have also been exhaustively created to resemble period hardware.

Open up your orangery to the world around you…

The addition of a door to your orangery will add a further facet to the overall structure and give you handy access into the garden. We have several door solutions that can work including a double French Door, Bi-Folding Door and Patio Door. Their function is entirely the same, but they each offer an entirely different opening for entering and exiting and variable method of ventilation. When properly locked, they will also form a secure barrier between your orangery and the outside world.

Bi-folding Doors

Keen to add the most fashionable door solution to your orangery? A set of Bi-Folding doors fit the bill as they offer a contrasting opening to any other door option, working on a concertina effect where each individual door leaf can be folded to create one significantly expansive opening. Opening and closing the doors takes the minimum of effort and strain too

Patio Doors

Sliding Patio Doors can be configured so that they fit within most available apertures whilst helping you efficiently connect your orangery to the outdoor environment which is ideal for those lacking internal space. Their presence will offer you the most fantastic views too and if the wind ever picks up there’s no chance of them ever blowing open as they work on a set of runners rather than being hinged.

French Doors

The double opening that a set of French Doors provides is hugely beneficial when you want to ventilate your extension and draw in as much natural sunlight as possible. They’re regularly utilised as a means of gaining access to the garden, a patio area or decking, though it’s also possible to have them interconnecting two separate internal rooms such as a kitchen and dining area.

The roof of your orangery needs to provide total comfort…

There are plenty options when it comes to selecting a glazed roof, in fact there are three of them; the simple but highly effectively Classic Roof; the effervescent Cornice Roof, and the Lantern Roof which oozes in stylishness. Homeowners wanting to add an orangery to new-build property tend to favour the first two roofing options, with those residing in a traditional abode loving the Lantern.

Classic Roof

The Classic Roof is an attractive option for many people not just because it looks exceptional unfussy, but also due to its ability to facilitate a large expanse of glass. Its minimalist feel makes it ideal for application on all types of orangeries, no matter what their size or shape, or however complex the design may be. The durability of the exterior is something you can put your house on and if you so wish, you can select to have a polycarbonate material as opposed to a glass roof.

Cornice Roof

The external cornice on this roof style gives it another dimension in comparison to a Classic Roof in terms of the huge amount of authentic charm it adds. It has an ability to complement the brickwork present in the orangery design where it almost appears to merge the two things together. The cornice can be finished in a number of eye-catching colours to give your orangery further character.

Lantern Roof

Orangeries date back to the 17th Century at which time they commonly featured atrium roofs, or how we like to refer to them nowadays, atrium roofs. Advances in roofing technology means that the atrium roof looks considerably different to how it did back in those days, but in terms of performance, it works far more effectively. Applied to the top of an orangery it really is the perfect fit and enables any occupants to enjoy the most spectacular views of the world above their eyes.

Decorate your orangery in one of many coloured finishes…

You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting a suitable coloured finish for the roof, windows and doors of your orangery as there is an unbelievable amount of styles available. In all likelihood, the type of frame and roof you choose will have a bearing on which colour you select but as there’s such a broad colour palette, including a number of woodgrain effects, you certainly won’t be short of options.

UPVC Colours

Because of the specially developed paint application we undertake, our UPVC frames can be applied with a huge amount of finishes, including many that you wouldn’t expect to see. Colours range from Whitegrain, White, Cream and Chartwell Green, to staple finishes including Grey, Black and Irish Oak. There’s something to meet the taste of even the most discerning homeowner.

Aluminium Colours

The richness in texture and colour you find on our Contemporary Aluminium is attainable thanks to the 11-stage powder-coating process undertaken on every aluminium-based item. Those who prefer a woodgrain effect can have their wish granted too as we can perform a treatment called sublimation which allows us to produce Walnut, Oak and Rosewood finishes that look exactly like timber.

Heritage Colours

Timber has a quality all of its own and it’s a look that any homeowners aspire to have present at their property. Well now they can courtesy of our Heritage range which perfectly mimics the 19th Century traditional timber window and comes in a selection of colours from the period including Clotted Cream, Cotswold Biscuit and Painswick. For a colour outside the box check out Corse Lawn and Eclectic Grey or for full authenticity try English, Irish and Silvered Oak.

West Yorkshire’s finest windows and most welcoming service

We price ourselves on products that use the latest technology, backed by heavy investment to ensure that our customers receive the best that they could possibly wish for.

New windows can make such a difference to your home, we understand  it is important to get it right.  Quality products mean better security, better thermal efficiency, better noise reduction and an improved living experience for you!

Energy Efficiency

A+ and A++ UPVC windows are our best performing windows in terms of insulation and energy efficiency and are a great option for orangeries. Quality windows in orangeries makes them an environmentally friendly option. Thanks to ongoing innovation and product development A+ and A++ windows have overtaken A-rated as the best available on the market and the insulation offered by these types of windows is better than ever before. Quite simply, less heat is allowed to escape from your orangery, and more natural warmth from the sun is allowed into your home thanks to an intelligent composition of glass which delivers this twofold benefit and reduce your household carbon footprint.


We understand that the security of you and your family is a major consideration when deciding about home improvements, whether that be windows, doors, porches, conservatories or orangeries. That is why we invest in the latest technology and manufacturing to ensure all products meet maximum security requirements. Thieves and burglars target properties with poor quality framework or locking systems. You and your family can rest assured that you house won’t be targeted for that reason!

Noise Reduction

For new home improvements such as a new conservatory, consideration also has to be made for how well it presents noises from the outside world from entering your home. This is particularly important for properties in built-up areas, but also affects people living close to busy roads. All products from Visual are built with noise reduction in mind, tested repeatedly and constantly improved to ensure you have the most enjoyable living areas you could wish for that aren’t affected by the outside world

In some circumstances orangeries may be subject to planning permission & building regulations…

You can rely on Visual to deal with any Planning Permission & Building Regulations requirements on your behalf as we’re well accustomed to dealing with local authorities. Although there is a good chance that such requirements may already be met and there will therefore be no need for you to anything else.

Our guide to your perfect dream orangery…

Buying an orangery isn’t easy which is why our design consultants are always there to guide you along the way and give you all the advice you need before installation gets underway; we always make it a stress-free experience. Here is a few things you may need to consider.


Determining where the orangery is best positioned is one of the important aspects of the installation process. A north or east facing orangery will attract the most amount of heat and warmth early in the day, cooling as the day progresses, whilst a south or west facing structure will benefit from the greatest amount of sunshine late in the afternoon/in the early part of the evening. It’s also worth pointing out that wherever you decide to position your orangery will have a bearing on the type of glazing utilised.


How are you intending to use your orangery? This needs to be settled upon at the very beginning as it will influence what size, style and specification of orangery will best serve your intended purpose. The extra floor space an orangery provides may be your primary reason for investing into a home extension. If so, then a square or rectangular design will probably work better than say a five faceted Victorian design. You may also want to equip it with further accessories such as Wi-Fi, speakers and mounted spotlights.


Very easily overlooked by some people, accessories play a central role in the overall functionality of an orangery and should never be ignored. A conversation with one of our design consultants will help you fill in all the necessary gaps and determine what additional extras are needed such as fans and heaters. This will then be put in the final quote put forward to you.


Put two seemingly identical orangeries side-by-side and they won’t necessarily cost the same amount of money to produce. That is because suppliers often source their materials from different places, some may even utilise materials of a lesser quality than that of a rival firm, and the guarantees they provide may be completely in contrast to others in the local area. You can usually tell if a quote is value for money or too good to be true, so always go with your gut feeling and do your research.


The expected lifespan of a contemporary orangery is at least two decades; you should expect nothing less so that you get value from your investment. However, it isn’t uncommon for some form of remedial adjustments to be made after the orangery has been fitting to help guarantee its future reliability. Any work of this kind should be covered in the terms of your guarantee so that it isn’t left up to you to pay for the privilege of having essential maintenance carried out.

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